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Top 3 Regulations released in the 1st Quarter of 2019

Oil and Gas Emissions Management Regulations
Chapter O-2 Reg 7

What is this regulation about?

On January 1, 2019, the Government of Saskatchewan Released the Oil and Gas Emission Management Regulations, as part of its Methane Action Plan initiative. This regulation aims to reduce methane emissions in the province by over 40 percent between 2020-2025. The regulation's mandatory emissions reductions are equivalent to a decrease of 4.5 million tonnes of CO2e annually by 2025. Between 2020-2025, the result will be a cumulative emission reduction of 15.7 million tonnes of CO2e, and a total of 38.2 million tonnes CO2e between 2020-2030.

Source:  Government of Saskatchewan's Methane Action Plan 


What is the significance of this regulation?


The Oil and Gas Emission Management Regulations uses a results-based approach, focusing on the achievement of verifiable emissions reductions by moving away from rigid prescriptions of reduction methods or restriction of methods to achieve the desired reduction.

According to the Government of Saskatchewan “Results-based regulatory regimes are recognized around the world as best practice because they encourage and enable innovative new technologies and creative solutions to be developed and implemented quickly.”

The regulation’s mandatory methane emissions reduction requirement will be imposed company-level, not on individual facilities or equipment used.

The companies will be given the ability to strategically plan the most cost-effective way to achieve their targets.

Through the introduction of this regulation, GHG emissions will not rise in Saskatchewan no matter what the volume of provincial oil production. In addition to this regulation, the Government of Saskatchewan will enhance emissions measurement and information reporting requirements and expand facility inspections and auditing.

Companies will be required to make regulated emissions reductions and pay rising financial penalties if they fail to comply with this regulation.

Source:  Government of Saskatchewan's Methane Action Plan