CNSC releases Draft REGDOC-2.7.1, Radiation Protection for consultation

CNSC released the Draft regulatory document REGDOC-2.7.1, Radiation Protection which along with volumes I and II of draft REGDOC-2.7.2, Dosimetry, supersedes the following previously published regulatory documents on topics related to radiation protection:

  • G-121, rev. 1, Radiation Safety in Educational, Medical and Research Institutions

  • G-129, Keeping Radiation Exposures and Doses "As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)"G-91, Ascertaining and Recording Radiation Doses to Individuals

  • GD-150, Designing and Implementing a Bioassay Program

  • G-228, Developing and Using Action Levels

  • G-313, Radiation Safety Training Programs for Workers Involved in Licensed Activities with Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices, and with Class II Nuclear Facilities and Prescribed Equipment

This regulatory document also provides new guidance on the following topics:

  • radiation protection programs

  • principles of worker dose control

  • principles of radiological hazard control

This document provides guidance on how to apply and implement Regulations to ensure the protection of workers and members of the public.

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