ON Ministry of Environment inviting feedback on New technical standard for the asphalt mix industry

The Ontario Ministry of Environment is proposing a new technical standard for the asphalt mix industry. This will address air emissions and help protect communities who live close to these industrial sources.

This proposal is for a technical standard under the local air quality regulation for the asphalt mix industry.

A technical standard is a technology-based solution designed for two or more facilities in a sector that may not be able to meet an air standard for technical or economic reasons. This is a sector-based compliance approach under the local air quality regulation.

The proposed industry standard:

  • includes all reasonably anticipated contaminants discharged from an asphalt mix facility

  • would apply to asphalt facilities identified as part of NAICS code 324121.

The dominant sources of key contaminants from this sector consist of:

  • storage of asphalt cement material

  • manufacturing and handling of the hot mix asphalt

  • emissions from the combustion equipment

  • storage areas, aggregate handling and storage.

Key proposed requirements include:

  • monitoring storage asphalt cement storage temperature

  • monitoring asphalt mix production temperature to reduce the emissions

  • mandatory air scavenging system

  • chemical dust suppressant application and /or maintaining a moisture level preventing the particulates discharge

  • annual monitoring reports including a summary of actions taken to address exceedances of production temperatures

  • operating and monitoring requirements

  • requirements to make operational adjustments (when deviations occur)complaint response procedures

  • requirements to maintain existing air pollution controls or management methods at the facility (even it is not specified in the proposed technical standard

  • public reporting, notification and record

  • keeping requirements

Read more about the proposed requirements in the rationale document and the proposed Asphalt Mix - Industry Standard.

Once the industry standard is published, any facility in the sector (that may or may not meet the air standard) could apply to register under this compliance approach. This would involve a posting on the Environmental Registry and may involve additional public outreach. The goal is to have a more efficient tool to better manage air emissions and reduce overall exposure from various industrial and commercial facilities in a sector.

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