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Top 3 Regulations released in the 1st Quarter of 2019

Small Scale Regulation 
AR 194/2018

What is this regulation about?

The Alberta Small Scale Generation Regulation came in force on January 1, 2019. This regulation has been developed with help from the $200 Million fund the Government of Alberta set aside under the Climate Leadership Plan to protect the community generator's (small scale generators) price that their renewable energy projects will get for the power they will produce and to help communities in the process of coal phase-out.

The aim of this regulation is to create a streamlined regulatory process that will allow communities to develop their own renewable energy projects through community generation.

This regulation will fill in the gaps between micro-generation and large utility companies.

Source: Environmental Law Centre


What is the significance of this regulation?

The Government of Alberta engaged with different stakeholders to create this regulation that will allow communities to develop their own renewable energy projects by reducing market participation barriers.

According to the Environmental Law Centre "The small scale generation regulation will enable neighbours, community groups, municipalities, agricultural societies, rural and urban co-ops, universities, schools, Indigenous communities and other groups to partner on small-scale renewable energy projects such as wind, biomass, hydro or solar that provide community benefits". 


Source: Environmental Law Centre

“Recent changes to the Micro-generation Regulation have provided more flexibility for some generators; however, to better enable small-scale and community generation, the Small-scale Generation Regulation provides definitions and rules to move forward while reducing some market participation barriers.”


Source: Efficiency Alberta