Benefits of NaturalResource

Cost Effective

An annual subscription is much less than a fine from a Regulator. Instead of paying costly consultants to research the information or taking time out of an already busy schedule, you are able to quickly retrieve the documents yourself - think of it like a proactive insurance policy.

Corporate Compliance

Providing your staff with access to NaturalResource meets compliance and audit requirements mandated by the government.

Easy To Use

Being web based and having an intuitive search engine, searching is made simple so you are more likely to use the database to check for the regulatory facts you seek. This ultimately improves awareness and compliance.

Save Time

Lightning fast searches and quick browsing of one comprehensive source for all your needs allows you to spend your time understanding and interpreting instead of searching and wondering if you are looking at the most current document.

Reduce Your Worries

Our teams only focus is to monitor regulatory changes – when you search, you are searching with a team - you do not have to go to multiple sources and worry that you are missing a document. The database is updated daily so it is always current.

Increase Your Productivity

Multiple electronic tools to help you with your reports. Weekly and quarterly regulatory change summary documents are done for you and delivered to your in-box.