Why Use NaturalResource?

Your Environment, Health and Safety Management System might be a binder on someone's shelf or a robust online system with many features, but either way you and your team still need to be aware of relevant environmental, health & safety legislation and regulations in all the jurisdictions you operate as well as upcoming draft legislation. Considering the laws are shared between the Federal and Provincial government's as well as rules and policies coming from numerous Boards and Departments. This equates to thousands of documents you need to track to say in compliance and meet auditor approval and ensure due diligence should you ever go to court.

Tracking all this information can be a very consuming exercise, considering you likely have other tasks, finding the time can be a challenge.

NaturalResource.ca is your solution for EHS Monitoring and Research.



Access to multiple industry sectors - Energy, Environmental, Forestry, and Health and Safety - in twelve different jurisdictions - Alberta , British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, and Canada. Now over 70,000 documents at your finger-tips!


NaturalResource monitors changes and provides documents from over 171 sources including the AER, BC Ministry of Environment, Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board, Ontario Ministry of Energy, NWT-Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board, Yukon Department of Energy, Mines and Resources and NaturalResources Canada.

Web Based Access

Accessible in the office, at home, or on a laptop, mobile Device and in the field through your web browser.

Custom Searching Ability

Single source allows you to customize your search across multiple jurisdictions, diverse disciplines, and all industry sectors simultaneously.

Keep Current

NaturalResource provides four ways to keep you on top of regulatory changes:
  1. weekly email summarizing changes
  2. Amendment history links within legislation
  3. New documents and announcements posted daily to the home page.
  4. What's New Application - custom filters to view changes by individual regulator

Hit Highlighting and Cross Links

Instantly see where your search terms appear within a document and instantly click to other referenced documents for fast and effective research.

Information Sharing

Bookmark any document you regularly access, email the web address to others, print portions or all the documents.

Version History

NaturalResource is the only electronic source of historical versions of amended documents and Decisions prior to 1997


Companies can customize the site to only show the content relevant to their operational areas


Custom CD or DVDs can be created for field workers and customized with your content.

Help and Support

NaturalResource provides various ways to assist you while using the library including instant access to Live Help and a readily available help desk.

Training and Support

Training: Free on-site training with purchased license
Phone Support: Toll-free support at 1-800-691-6737
Live Support: Instant online chat support during business hours