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 Access to multiple industry sectors - Energy, Environmental, Forestry, and Health and Safety - in twelve different jurisdictions - Alberta , British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador,New Brunswick, and Federal. Now over 80,000 documents at your finger-tips!  

Cloud-based Access

Accessible in the office, at home, or on a laptop, mobile Device and in the field through your web browser.

Keep Updated

NaturalResource provides four ways to keep you on top of regulatory changes:

  1. weekly email summarizing changes

  2. Amendment history links within legislation

  3. New documents and announcements posted daily to the home page.

  4. What's New Application - custom filters to view changes by individual regulator


NaturalResource monitors changes and provides documents from over 171 sources including the AER, BC Ministry of Environment, Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board, Ontario Ministry of Energy, NWT-Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board, Yukon Department of Energy, Mines and Resources and NaturalResources Canada.

Custom Searching

Single source allows you to customize your search across multiple jurisdictions, diverse disciplines, and all industry sectors simultaneously.

View Version History

NaturalResource is the only electronic source of historical versions of amended documents and Decisions prior to 1997

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